My work is best described as painting what makes my heart hurt.  Working in acrylic and oil

painting with a figurative and emotional theme, what I call a beautiful sadness.  I take my everyday life experiences and put them to canvas to reflect emotions like a journal. What I have no words for, I express through color and vague expression. The contents throughout a piece contain snippets of what my thoughts look like. 


I am originally from Dayton, Ohio, where I acquired my Bachelors in Fine Arts. Being creative was something I knew I loved at an early age, but it was in college where my true love for painting grew. I have been in the Twin Cities for about five years now. The decision to move to Minneapolis was completely impulsive, with a tip from a friend and a desire to explore the artistic community that exists here. I continue to explore creativity in traditional painting and digitally, my new love. everyone in my life that supports my painting means the world to me, and I would not be here if it were not for those people. Thank you for visiting and exploring my brain with me.  I am working currently on expanding my brand through portals such as Etsy, Patreon, YouTube, Twitch and more. Stay tuned to find out more on my journey!

~ Jessica Meeks