• Jessica Meeks

Music to my ears, painting to music and it's therapeutic qualities

Music to my ears. I just cannot get enough of the sweet, sweet sounds of tunes while I paint. It's the kind of experience you truly never want to end. So what inspires me for a good session with tunes and a paint? Oh, the list would go on for days, because I cannot choose just one type of genre, or band, or song, I love it all!

I think my connection to music is deeper then I should admit. I hear songs that connect my memory to a certain sonder moment and I just glisten, yea, I said glisten. I think of it as an invisible glisten of sorts. Just a glow maybe, but still an aura of some kind.

My painting lately has also been inspired by moods, and those moods are inspired by something I am listening to. So my favorites range from the vibe of a good classical tune by Bach, bobbing my head along to a 90's jam that has me nostalgic to my core, vibes from some classic rock like the Doors, or some deep cuts from some early indie alternative classics,to getting lost in the poetic

words by The Shins.

So this tiny little blog is just a moment of my thanking all the musicians in the world for their contribution to my musical delights. Without music, I am not sure what my visual stimulation would be like. Where would art be with out music, its interesting to think about a visual world with no audio inspiration. So shine on!