• Jessica Meeks

The Month of Delights!

Meeks Art is getting frisky! Not really, but it has been an exciting month. I had such a great time at the Pancakes and Booze art show. I could not have been more pleased with the turn out. I met some incredibly talented people and got to see some of my favorite Local artists.

The night was fascinating. Music playing through the Cabooze, while crowds of people stopped by to ask about my work. It was an honor. I still get shy when it comes to talking about my work, but it is just so cool to think people actually want to learn about why I create. YAY!

On the flip side I got an opportunity to be apart of a smaller show with some local peeps from the Pancake show. We will be hosting a small Reception night to open the weekend long showing of artists Diane Ellie Vin, myself, and Ryan Werbalowsky. Happenings will be at the Squirrel Haus Arts on June 30th. Come visit us!


Diane Ellie Vin - http://www.dianaellievin.com/

Ryan Werbalowsky - http://www.mnartists.org/ryanwerbalowsky

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